Governor Brown and CASE, the union representing California Administrative Law judges and many state attorneys, have reached a tentative agreement on a new contract. The contract, which will affect workers’ comp judges and state attorneys, would end furloughs but require one day of unpaid leave per month. Approval by CASE members will be required for

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A few doctors doing an outsized share? Where have we heard this before? In 2010 CHSWC taught us that 3.9% of QMEs, often with sham “offices” in dozens of zip codes, were conducting 40% of evaluations : That’s a supersized share. Now, courtesy of a CWCI study, we learn that the top 10% of doctors

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Is there a way for the workers’ comp system to better serve workers in agricultural communities, many of whom are monolingual Spanish speakers and some of whom are employed by uninsured employers? That’s the goal of the Watsonville Law Center and the Agricultural Workers’ Access to Health Project, which is a project of California Rural

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About a 20 minute drive from my office is Broke Town, USA. I’m referring to Vallejo, California, which declared municipal bankruptcy. Vallejo would have seemed to have everything going for it. Beautiful views of the San Francisco Bay. A ferry that crosses the bay to the financial district. Many of America’s greatest wineries are 30

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As I write this at Super Bowl halftime, the cheeseheads are ascendant.

Like many of you, I’m glued to our yearly ritual.

After today’s game, the players union and the owners still face a standoff over the future of the game. Will players be forced into concessions? More games?

My law partner Michael Gerson represents quite a few NFL players. Our office has seen first hand the physical and mental sacrifices some of these players make.

Even a casual observer of today’s game had to have noticed a number of players going off the field to the locker room after injuries. Charles Woodson is out.

This year there’s been a growing chorus of concern about player injuries, particularly concussions. Players are bigger and evidence is mounting over some of the game’s effects.

Does football have a future?

That’s the question posed by Ben McGrath, writing in The New Yorker.
It’s a question being raised despite the sport’s incredible popularity. In a piece in today’s San Francisco Chronicle, Al Saracevic muses on whether football will fall out of favor like boxing.

Here’s the link to the Ben McGrath piece: … ntPage=all

This follows a piece by Malcolm Gladwell in The New Yorker, “Offensive Play: How Different are Dogfighting and Football?”: … t_gladwell

Here’s a link to my piece written several years ago, “Football’s Walking Wounded”: … 202-073901

And here’s a link to my 2007 piece on “Pro Football Player Injuries”: … 204-124330

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Julius Young